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I grew up in the suburbs outside of Philadelphia. There wasn’t a lot to do, so the thing I loved most was watching cartoons. I watched the kids’ networks almost exclusively well into my teenage years, my mind captured by superheroes, slapstick, funny animals, fantastical locales, monsters, and pretty much everything reality wasn’t offering. And my love of these things was reflected in my playtime, every toy going on heroic adventures, from actual superhero action figures to cute little stuffed bunnies to the shoddiest bits of plastic a Burger King kids’ meal could cough up.


I can’t say for sure when I gravitated towards actually trying to write and tell stories. There are just flashes of creative activities. Drawing comics in elementary school about talking cheetahs with laser cannons. Using the AlphaSmart keyboard I was provided with in middle school to write Halloween stories instead of the classwork it was intended for. Getting involved in Super Smash Bros. Brawl machinima as a voice actor when I was a teen and trying to shift to writing videos instead. I really started writing voraciously in high school, and though I initially went to college with the notion that I wanted to direct, it didn’t take long for me to concentrate on the less-arduous task of wanting to write really good comics and cartoons. I learned the right way to write a script at Sarah Lawrence College, but I really put it into practice after transferring to Emerson, where I majored in Writing for Film and TV.


Since graduating college I’ve been busy developing pitches for original comics and cartoons, several of which have been done with my production partner Noah Sterling, our partnership beginning with the Marvel TL;DR videos made for Marvel Entertainment’s online platforms. To this day I’m constantly coming up with new ideas and trying to decide which to focus on next in my quest to actually sell something, although I highly doubt this flood will be stoppered by the advent of selling a pitch.


Thank you for visiting my website. I hope you like what you find.

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